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Hyderabadi Mutton Korma,hyderabadi mutton korma in hindi,hyderabadi mutton korma by sanjeev kapoor,hyderabadi korma recipe urdu,shahi mutton korma recipe,best mutton korma recipe,hyderabadi mutton korma recipe in urdu,mutton korma recipe step by step,pakistani mutton korma recipe,famous Hyderabadi dishes once again since I always tend to forget either a technique or a spice that lend their wonderful flavors and make dish what it is. The cuisine accentuate the right use of spices, meat and ingredients and I want to give full justice to it. I’ve always thought making those traditional curries I have grown up eating are a lengthy process. I don’t even cook half of them because I am such an impulsive cook by nature which is why you wouldn’t find me intricately designing my pies or decorating a cake with so much patience in my kitchen. Mom persuaded me otherwise with her appetizing curries, especially this Hyderabadi Mutton Korma in rich yogurt sauce.

It has been about a decade since I have visited Hyderabad, mom’s birthplace and where we spent a glorious part of our childhood. All this while I missed out on stuffing my face with creamy haleem or get my hands on greasy roadside kebabs or eat as many Satyanarayan coin shaped “pedas” to my heart’s content.  I haven’t been able to gather all my family and cousins for a breakfast of “aam ras” and a dinner of Biryani with “mirchi ka salan” followed by late night conversations that stretched until next morning.

When we shifted to Bombay, Mutton Korma appeared for Sunday lunches with aromatic basmati rice but in Hyderabad it was always a weekly affair. No one ever got tired of it. It was one dish ladies in our house resorted to when they’d tire of racking their brains of developing a menu for the day. Mutton Korma was undoubtedly everyone’s choice.

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