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  • I sent the wind to whisper my love to you. So tonight, when you feel the gentle breeze across your face and hear the soft rustling of the trees, that’s the wind relaying how much I love you.


  • You’re my fantasy; my dream come true. The night is sweetest when you occupy my dreams.


  • The night will play its music tonight. It’ll be sponsored by me.  It’ll sing of my love and of my affection  for the loveliness that is you. You’ll hear my music in your sleep.  Sleep tight my angel.


  • Do not fear the terrors of the night, I’ll be right by your side chasing the demons away.


  • Good night my sweet princess. I’ll be dreaming of you just as I hope you’ll be dreaming of me.
    • When you see the moon, so big and blue; and you see the stars twinkling high in the sky; that is nature confirming my love to you. I love you in unimaginable ways. Sleep tight.
    • good night messages for friends


    • May memories of a wonderful day, form the loveliest of thoughts as you lay in bed to sleep. May thoughts of me crown it all to give you a beautiful night. Sleep well my love.


    • In my heart, you rule as queen. Your radiance outshines that of the brightest of stars. Sleep tight.


    • Look into the sky, locate the brightest star. See how it glows? My love for you shines brighter. Have a restful night.


    • Here’s wishing my favourite human a beautiful night. If you get to dream land before me, wait for me, I’ll be right behind you.


    • Even in the dream, our hearts beat as one, entwined, fused. Nothing can ever come between us, I love you so much.


    • Sleep tight, dream about us, when you wake, you’ll be in my arms.


    • Nights are for lovers. You’re my one and only love. No will ever take your place beside me, my dear wife and friend.
    • funny good night messages
    • You deserve the most restful sleep my love. You spend your days making me feel so special. I hope this message makes you feel really special. Have a beautiful night my darling.Today was beautiful. I enjoyed every bit of it with you by my side. I hope tomorrow will be special too. Have a pleasant night.You’ve been running around my head all day. You should be tired by now. Go to bed baby and sleep well. Lots of love.You made my day so lovely. Let’s do it again tomorrow. Sleep tight my love.

      I can’t get enough of you. You’re in my thoughts all day; you’re in my dreams all night. How do you do it? Well, I’m not complaining. Have a good night.

      The sun has gone home to bed, darkness has come to take its place. Let the earth render sweet music and lull you sleep. Kisses.

      I love it when it’s night because I get to forget about my worries and lose myself in your embrace.

      Nothing is more important to me tonight than you. Share your thoughts baby, I’m here to make your burdens light.

      The day’s toil is over, the night whispers in hushed tones, sleep relaxed my love. tomorrow will be better.

      • No one deserves a beautiful night more than you my darling. I pray for just that for you. Good night.


      • May all your fears be calmed tonight. May you be visited in your dreams with answers to troubling issues. Have a beautiful night sweetheart.


      • You’re the answers to my prayers, the woman of my dreams. May I not lose you in sleep. May I not lose you at all. Sweet dreams.


      • The darts of the enemy flying all about will not come close to you. Tonight I’m entrusting you in the arms of the Almighty to keep you safe. Good night.


      • Sleep well, sleep without fear. I’ve done my due diligence in prayers for you. I love you so much.


      • May the Angels sing sweet symphonies in your dreams tonight and keep you safe. Sweet dreams.


      • No nightmares, no demons. Tonight you’re getting the sweetest rest ever, because I said a prayer for you.
      • The night is for relaxing and preparing for tomorrow. No matter what has happened today, tomorrow brings a new chance for everyone. Good night dear.

      • good night message to my sweetheart
      • The moon shows me that one can shine in the darkness. So if you feel upset just relax and sleep. Tomorrow will be a great day for you. Good night.

        When a thing goes away from us, we realize the value of it. Night helps us to realize the value of light. Every dawn comes with the new opportunity for us. Go to sleep and start your day with a fresh mind. Good night.

        Everything has pros and cons. The night is dark but it also helps us to sleep better. At night you can think deeply about your life. Take the advantages of night. Good night.

        If you are facing a heavy pressure due to stress, worries, the night has come to take away all these negative thoughts. Just go to bed and sleep. Good night. Have a nice sleep.

        Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better. Good Night!

        So, what?! Today was a bad day, but the moon is shining, and when you wake, you’ll be able to start all over again. Good night!

      • I know you had a bad day today. But on this calm night be thankful that you are alive and fine. Tomorrow can be better for you. Good night.

        I am sending you a great message. The message is you are a wonderful person. You can do any job with confidence. Have a faith. Tomorrow will be a good day. Good night dear.

        Sleep is the best medicine for anxiety and sadness. You may feel better after a good sleep. Good night and sleep well.

        Don’t be sad for today. Today has become past. Tomorrow is future. Think about future and prepare for it. Good night and sweet dream. I am praying for your bright future.

      • long goodnight messages for her
      • I wish you a nice and peaceful sleep with some wonderful dreams. Enjoy the night, forget about negative things and have a good sleep. Good night.

        Motivation should never come to an end no matter how far the sun has fallen in the night sky. Good night!

        The world is a giant eye, staring back at the stars. When it tires, it closes its lids – just as I am doing now – and gives way to dreams, which is why the night is so much more mysterious than the day.

      • Good-nights are made of love, happiness and the courage to tackle every problem that comes your way tomorrow.

        Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to make things the best they can be! Let someone know what they mean to you! Goodnight!

        The best part of the day is lying in bed knowing that you accomplished all that you set out to do. Good night!

        You could go to bed angrier than a fainting goat, or you could let your subconscious wander and realize that anger will not lead to a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow starts with a good sleep tonight.

        The sun has gone down, the moon and stars are out. It’s time to have all your troubles, worries, and cares melt away. Lay your head down and drift off to sleep.

Good Night Texts to a Crush. Before they close their eyes and call it a day, let them know that they are in your heart and mind, that you are thinking of them as you go to bed. If you are not good with words, let me help you come up with the perfect and sweet goodnight sms message for your boyfriend or girlfriend.Goodnight my precious angel, as I believe my luck lies within the stars. ♥ I hope your dreams are filled with those of your prince: me. ♥ Sending you good night wishes that are heartfelt and full of love. ♥ Good night to my beautiful girl that I wish I could hug so tightly tonight.This article contains the best Good Night Message For Her which you can send to your girlfriend. Love is the best adorable feeling of love.At the end of the day, after all of the responsibilities & ensuing chaos, you can send your friends Good Night messages. These wishes would be perfect for them.Inspirational good night messages, positive good night quotes & wise wishes to greet your friends, family, lover, colleagues or dear ones & encourage them.

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